We have many happy clients…

and the warm feeling we get when we receive a letter or an email from them to thank us for their new garden is what makes all the hard work and working in the rain worth while. We would like to share a few of our clients letters and emails with you.

landscaping-and-garden-design-300x168Dear Chris,
Thank you and all the dedicated people working for you. The design is charming, appreciated so much by us, and all the surrounding wildlife! The simplification of the garden will make everything so much easier. Hopefully now, we can sit back and enjoy the garden instead of working constantly. Everything you promised has come to fruition and you have always kept to your word.
Yours sincerely

Doreen and Barry Graham, Frinton-on-Sea.

garden-designers-300x168Dear Chris,
Many thanks to you, Paul and Ed for all your help, hard work and courtesy throughout this – for you – a very modest project. I think the service you offer, and the way you go about it, is exemplary and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have been living out there, in the sunshine and alongside the bees, for the past few days.
And whilst there, I water, tidy and tinker – so maybe there is a gardener inside me after all…

Very best wishes.

Lee, Colchester.

landscapers-shenfiled-300x223Dear Chris,
Thank you so muh for the wonderful job you did on our garden. It has made such a difference – the childeren are outside all the time chasing each other on their scooters and trike.
James of course, cannot get enough of moving his digger round the garden and filling/emptying it with mud (as fast as I keep sweeping it off the patio)! He won’t be doing that once we get the plants in. We’ve been eating outside as well which they love.

Anyway thanks to Paul, ‘egg’ and Martin for all their help as well.

Best Wishes

The Cole Family, Capel St Mary.

garden-patio-stones-300x168Dear Chris and Paul,
A first class job with a great workforce that to my surprise didn’t create the chaos I was expecting. I will happily recommend your services to my friends and acquaintances.
Many thanks

Scott Evans, Ipswich.

I know I told you last time you came over to do the finishing touches, but I wanted to write and tell you and you how thrilled I am with the pond, the header pool and waterfall and the planting.

I told you that I have wanted this for 10 years and could only now do it. I have had a dream for so long and you and your team have given it to me. As you know, I will be retiring in less than 2 years and I wanted a wildlife pond so very much.

Now I have got it and I want to tell you it is so perfect.

We have had so much rain lately and I even sit out in the gazebo with a coffee of a glass of wine and just watch the rain dancing on my pond. We now have two flowers coming up on the lilly you put in the pond.

You’ve given me my dream and I am so happy with it. The tree bark is just perfect, and the planting around the pond. I have my little woodland and I have put rotting logs in appropriate places. I’m so glad I chose Holland Landscapes rather than the other firms who quoted me.

I just wanted to make sure you know that you have given me everything I asked for, and more.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards

Marian, Basildon.