Large Project In Long Melford

This series of photos show a large project in Long Melford near Sudbury.

The project includes a back garden, front garden and driveway. The photos show different stages of the build to give an idea of what is involved in the construction of a large garden.

Front Garden

These photos show the front garden and driveway before the start of works. It was overgrown with tall trees and shrubs which made it a very dull environment. The trees and shrubs have been removed, the site has been cleared ready to be set out and a new fence has been erected on both sides. More light has been let into the garden and more space has been gained by removing the trees and shrubs. The sleeper retaining wall to the left of the driveway has been started. The driveway has been cleared, a sub base laid and compacted and a layer of hoggin has been laid and compacted, ready for gravel. Theses photos show the completed front garden and driveway. The area consists of a sandstone paved pathway along the front of the house with a porphyry cobble feature area. The compacted gravel driveway will compliment the planting as it matures. The planting in the front garden is designed to be low maintenance and consists mainly of trees and shrubs.

Back Garden

These photos show the site before work had started. It was overgrown, trees had become too large and out of control and the whole site needed to be cleared. The garden has been cleared of all grass, shrubs and debris left over from the tree removal. A new fence consisting of close board panels, concrete posts and concrete gravel boards has been erected along the boundary giving the garden some privacy. The semi-circular brick wall, retaining wall to the side of the house and edging bricks have been laid. The sandstone paving and edging bricks have been completed. The lawn has been laid and the border areas have been planted with a mixture of shrubs perennials and trees.

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